• Digital Learning – Digital textbooks, kindles and Chromebooks in the classroom will help close the opportunity gap in our schools by creating educational equity for the next generation. We cannot allow children to fall behind simply because they’re forced to study dated material – or because not all children have access to high-speed Internet at home.

  • Balanced Budgets – We deserve more money for our kids – but we also must be smart with the money we have. I believe in balanced budgets because they’re the key to social justice, and continuing on the school board, I’ll ensure that our district is fiscally solvent. Recent cuts by the state and federal governments were the worst thing to happen to educational equity and social justice in years – but wise taxpayers made a conscious choice to invest in our next generation when they overwhelmingly approved Proposition 30. Now, we need qualified leadership to help our district turn over a new leaf to maintain our excellent schools and update our facilities. 

  • Nutrition, Reading & Mentors – As an educator by trade, I know that teachers are the best and most important resource that our schools could ever ask for. I’ll make sure teachers have the support they need before, during and after class. I’m committed to making sure our children have access to health care and receive nutritious meals. I’ll focus on the importance of literacy, and I’ll embrace the scores of non-profits and volunteers ready and willing to close the opportunity gap by working with students one-on-one. And I’m committed to making sure our students have mentors to go to college or get a good job – through internships and partnerships.

  • We all have a duty to our children – whether they’re headed to a JC or a UC – and our Pleasanton families deserve a a school board who not only understands what’s important, but who will fight for what’s missing.



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